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Water Treatment, Well System, and Radon Solutions for Better Water, Better Air, Better Health

Water-Flo, Inc., provides comprehensive water treatment, well system, and radon solutions, including testing, installation, and maintenance.

  • Our solutions bring you Better Water, filtering out contaminants that can affect taste, as well as harm pipes, fixtures, appliances—and you!
  • Our solutions bring you Better Air, making sure your home or business is free from harmful levels of radon.
  • Our solutions bring you Better Health, because they’re designed to deliver what’s most important to us—and to you—a healthier living environment!

Based in Clinton, CT, Water-Flo has been serving home and business customers for more than 25 years.

  • Our water treatment services include water testing, water filtration systems, water softeners, water purifiers, and RO reverse osmosis systems, providing both well water and city water users with high quality water.
  • Our well water systems include submersible pumps and well pressure tanks for home water supply and lawn irrigation systems, as well as constant pressure pump systems, which provide maximum water flow and pressure.
  • Our Radon Solutions of CT division provides radon testing and radon systems for air and water radon remediation, meeting EPA and CT radon standards.

We educate our customers so they know exactly what we’re doing—and why. We take pride in the quality of our work, and back it with unparalleled customer service. And we’re available for emergencies seven days a week, at 800-732-7468.

There can be unhealthy things in your water and air. Be proactive, contact us now—and start enjoying Better Water, Better Air, Better Health.

...I felt compelled to send a personal thank you for the integrity, professionalism, helpfulness and friendliness when you replaced my pump a few weeks back. All of you guys and the person I talked to on the phone (Brigid) make up a class act each on your own and as a team.

- Mark S.

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