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From the minute I called Water-Flo I felt completely comfortable. Their prompt service and professionalism gave me confidence that I chose the right company to replace my well pump. Scott explained each step of the testing process before any work was completed, he gave me several options, and let me decide which to choose. Thank you for your help.

- Jeff

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Water-Flo Annual Maintenance Plans

Renew or sign up for Water-Flo's maintenance plan! See below an overview of our annual maintenance plans or download the form to mail in.

This year our maintenance plans have more value than ever.  See below for complete maintenance plan benefits and details.

*** Maintenance plans are only available in New Haven, Middlesex and New London Counties *** Click here for a list of towns.


There are 3 options to choose from:
1. Salt & Filter Maintenance Plan: $360.00/yr
2. Pump & Treatment Maintenance Plan: $560.00/yr
3. Premium Maintenance Plan: $897.50/yr.

You do not need to have a maintenance plan to be a Water-Flo customer. The maintenance plan is best thought of as a labor saver for customers who have Water-Flo out several times a year for maintenance. Water-Flo is offering maintenance plans on a rolling basis, so the day you sign up starts your 1-year plan.

A maintenance plan visit must always be scheduled by the homeowner with our office staff either via email or by calling the office. Maintenance visits can be scheduled in advance for the year or customers can contact Water-Flo when a visit is needed. Maintenance visits are available Monday – Friday 8:30am to 4pm. Emergency services, labor to re-bed any treatment system, labor to install a new/replacement treatment system, and work performed on weekends and/or holidays are not covered by the maintenance plan. Maintenance plans are transferable to new homeowners, but not to new addresses. Maintenance plan sales are final. Any materials used during the maintenance visits are at the homeowner’s expense.

1. Salt & Filter Maintenance Plan: $360.00/yr - 4 Maintenance Visits

  • Labor to change cartridge and/or drinking water filters.
  • Labor to add salt or potassium to the brine drum.
  • Delivery of water treatment supplies.
  • This plan does NOT cover service/maintenance on treatment systems.

The Salt & Filter plan includes labor for the above items but does not include any materials. Service call rates would be applied for maintenance on systems or emergency services.

2. Pump & Treatment Maintenance Plan: $560.00/yr - 1 comprehensive Service, 3 Maintenance Visits

This maintenance plan is ideal for customers with both a pump and treatment system. The comprehensive service automatically includes items listed below.

  • Comprehensive Visit includes testing/re-pressurizing the well tank, adjusting household water pressure if needed, electrically testing the well pump, a visual inspection of the well head if it is above ground, a basic minerals water test (iron, hardness, pH, manganese, chlorine, and total dissolved solids) and, if requested, a well chlorination, providing the well is above ground.
  • Labor to replace malfunctioning/broken minor components on the well system (pressure gauge, etc.).
  • Labor to replenish neutralizer or mix chemical feed solution.
  • Labor to change whole house filters, drinking water filters, and/or UV bulb.
  • Labor to clean and adjust softener and filter control valves and add salt or potassium chloride to a softener’s brine drum if needed.
  • Labor to clean softener’s brine drum – this must be request by the homeowner when booking the appointment for the technician to be prepared with the material needed for this portion of the visit.
  • Labor for manufacturer recommended maintenance/service on R.E. Prescott “Bubble Up” system.
  • Delivery of water treatment supplies.
  • 5% discount on any new well tank, well pump, water softener, automatic backwashing filter, UV, chemical feed, or reverse osmosis drinking water system.

The Pump & Treatment maintenance plan does not include any materials used at the visit, nor does it include any labor involved in emergency services, the re-bedding of existing systems, or the installation of new/ replacement systems. We cannot service Culligan, Eco-Water or Sears/GE systems

3. Premium Plan: $897.50/yr. - 1 Comprehensive Service, 3 Maintenance Visits

This maintenance plan includes all elements of the Pump & Treatment plan, plus a radon air test and certified lab water test (valued at $523.00) at the time of the comprehensive visit.

The standard profile water test is run through a certified lab. It includes testing for: E. Coli bacteria, coliform bacteria, pH, turbidity, color, odor, chloride, nitrates, sulfate, calcium, magnesium, hardness, sodium, copper, iron, manganese radon in water, lead, arsenic, and uranium.