Water Treatment CT
We now have chlorine free water throughout the house and a super filtered source of water for drinking. Thanks for your professional work and gracious manner. I highly recommend Water-Flo. Call them for clean, healthy water at a reasonable price.

- B. Welsh, North Haven

Water Treatment Solutions


Testing, Systems, and Service for the best water possible.

Do you know what’s in your water? How does it taste and smell? Is it free of bacteria and other harmful contaminants? What is your water doing to your skin, hair, clothes, fixtures, appliances, hot water tank? Are you tired of buying bottled water, adding plastic waste to our environment?

You can start addressing these issues by calling us for free water testing for: hardness, iron, manganese, pH, nitrates, chlorine, hydrogen sulfide, and total dissolved solvents (TDS). We can arrange additional testing for other contaminants: bacteria, uranium, radon, lead, arsenic, etc. Well water should be tested regularly for bacteria, and at least once for radon and uranium. Click this link for the Connecticut Well Water Testing Guidelines.

Water treatment systems can also improve city water, which can be affected by chlorine, lead, and other contaminants. City water solutions are often much simpler than well water systems. Great tasting, chlorine-free city water is what you deserve. Restaurants especially benefit with better water for cooking, ice making, and table service.

Water-Flo offers industry-leading Kinetico non-electric water treatment systems, as well as a variety of other systems to address any water treatment problem:

Water softeners
Iron filters
Acid neutralizers (for low pH)
Hydrogen sulfide systems
Reverse Osmosis drinking water systems
UV sanitizers for bacteria
Sediment filters
Carbon systems (for city water)
Carbon systems (for radon)
Aeration systems (for minerals and radon)
Chemical feed systems
Uranium mitigation systems

We service most brands, offer annual maintenance plans, and stock a full line of supplies and filters.

If you have a water treatment question, check out these FAQs, or give us a call.