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Just had two 30-year-old water tanks replaced and a Kinetico water softener installed by Water-Flo. The technicians did a fantastic job to say the least. Knowledgeable, respectful, friendly, and left the area cleaner than it was. Highly recommended Water-Flo for any water/ pump service you need. First class all the way. They are tops in the business!!!!
- Michael G.



Many water treatment systems have a bypass valve. If you can bypass the system, you can still have water, although it will not be treated. If you cannot locate the bypass valve, then turn off the water at the pressure tank and call us at 800-732-7468.

A cartridge should be changed when the water pressure or water quality drops off, or every 6 months, whichever comes first.

That depends on what you have for equipment. Some equipment needs annual service. Call us at 800-732-7468 and we can let you know. 

There are many possible well water contaminants to test for. The most common are bacteria in water, radon in water, and uranium in water. 

Most city water supplies are chlorinated. Chlorine eliminates potential bacteria in the water supply, but should be removed at the home to improve taste and odor. A simple carbon tank eliminates chlorine.


Check your circuit breaker, check for a clogged cartridge filter, and look for any running hoses or toilets. If everything looks good, shut off the main water valve to the house for 30 minutes, and turn it back on. If you have water, then chances are your well was low; if not, call us at 800-732-7468.

If the leak is at the well pressure tankor tank fittings, then turn off the power to the well pump and call us at 800-732-7468. The tank will continue to leak until it empties out. If you want to remove the water in the tank so it does not leak, then turn on all the faucets in the house and the spigots outside until the well pressure tankis empty.

This is normally a problem with the well pressure tank. It may need air, or it may need to be replaced. Call us. A rapid cycling well pump will eventually burn itself out.

If the well is buried, our well location service can find it with a well locating device. It is important to know where your well is, before you have any well problems.

Homes built after 1971 should have a “well completion report” filed at the town hall.  This document gives you all the data on your well, plus the location if it is buried.

The first step is usually well sanitizing. This is a relatively inexpensive process. A surefire long-term solution is a UV sanitizer.

The average life for a well pump is 10-12 years and for a well pressure tank, 12-15 years.


Radon is a colorless, odorless, radioactive gas that is known to cause cancer.

Radon accounts for over 21,000 lung cancer deaths annually. The risk is much higher if you are a smoker.

Not necessarily; however, it would be prudent to test.

It is a good idea to have it replaced annually.

The preferred time of year is in the winter; however, radon testing can be done throughout the year.

The threshold for radon in air is 4.0pci/l and for radon in water is 5000pci/l.

The unofficial threshold from carbon tank to a bubbler is 10,000pci/l; however, at 10,000pci/l you could install two carbon tanks. 

Yes, you should do radon testing every 2-3 years if you have a radon system, to insure it is working properly.

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Scott took over Water-Flo Inc. at 23, quickly moving from an apprentice, to licensed well pump and water treatment installer, to owner. When the previous owner was ready to retire in 2020, Scott was eager to obtain the company that he started his apprenticeship with. He finds great joy in the reputation the company has built. He actively leads the company, involving himself in daily operations, emergency responses, and installation oversight. His favorite part of the work is seeing the before and after results, whether it is the high-quality installations the team performs daily, or a homeowner’s reaction to improved water quality or pressure once work is completed. He also mentors new technicians, sharing his knowledge and experience. Despite a busy schedule, Scott enjoys the outdoors, horseshoes, classic cars, and family time with Brigid! Water-Flo Inc. benefits from his dedication and leadership.


Since starting at Water-Flo as an administrative assistant in May 2023, Linda has become a key team member, learning about the technical aspects of the business. In responding to customer inquiries, she makes clients feel valued and enjoys speaking with them to help solve their problems. Living in Branford, Linda enjoys living on the Shoreline, especially spending time on her boat. Linda’s positive attitude in her interactions with customers reflects Water-Flo’s emphasis on quality customer service.


Kyle is a dedicated well pump and water treatment apprentice hailing from East Lyme. Since joining Water-Flo in September 2023, he has expanded his knowledge, working toward his professional license. His favorite part of the job is installing new water treatment systems in homes. Away from work, Kyle is an avid traveler and skier. Kyle’s commitment to learning new skills makes him a valuable part of the Water-Flo team.


Meet Paddy, a water systems technician with Water-Flo since 2022; he started with the company as an apprentice. With a passion for hands-on tasks and an appreciation for the variety his role offers, Paddy thrives on days that take him outdoors, especially when it involves pulling pumps. Beyond his professional work, Paddy is dedicated to personal fitness and embraces challenges through side projects that broaden his knowledge and skills. His constant drive to learn and grow makes him a dynamic member of the Water-Flo team.


Since 2024, Jamilynn, an Office Administrator at Water-Flo, has utilized her background working with diverse age groups to enhance the company’s customer service. Her commitment aligns with Water-Flo’s values of exceptional care and community focus. She loves the customer support aspect of her position and the ability to make a customer’s day better! When not at work Jamilynn enjoys time with her two children at home in North Branford. Jamilynn values the support and growth opportunities available with this reputable, family-oriented company, and looks forward to contributing to its continued success.


Jeremy is a skilled water treatment and well system technician at Water-Flo, where he started as an apprentice and has been honing his expertise since 2020. A tech school alum with a previous stint as a commercial pipefitter, he brings a wealth of practical experience to his role. Outside of his professional life, Jeremy is enthusiastic about restoring classic cars and cruising on his motorcycle. At Water-Flo, he values the opportunity to connect with and build relationships with the customers.


Meet Joe, a former United States Marine whose dedication and discipline are the cornerstones of his current role as a water technician at Water-Flo. With four years under his belt with the company, Joe’s expertise in water treatment systems is unmatched. His passion for the industry motivates him to acquire new knowledge and innovate constantly. At Water-Flo, Joe uses his experience with his enthusiasm for improving water quality, consistently contributing to the team’s success and the community’s well-being.


Ralph is the co-owner of Radon Solutions of Connecticut division of Water-Flo, starting his career in radon mitigation in 2002, and joining Water-Flo in 2022. With over 28 years of experience, he specializes in installing radon remediation systems in residential properties, schools, and commercial buildings. Ralph is committed to exceeding industry safety standards in every project and his favorite part of the job is doing his part to make homes and businesses safer! Outside of work, he enjoys motorcycle trips on his Trike. Ralph is a key member of the team, contributing significantly to making living and business environments safer.
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Brigid has been the Office Manager at Water-Flo and Radon Solutions of CT since February 2016. Her role is crucial for ensuring the business runs effectively, particularly in administrative areas. Her favorite part of the job is the satisfaction of providing service to the local community getting them access to better air, better water, and better health. Living in Deep River with her husband, Scott, she enjoys gardening, hiking, and reading in her free time. Brigid’s hard work and the positive impact on the Water-Flo team and customers is invaluable. 

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